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Hi there, I’m Jared Talavera.

I started this blog to combine my interests in science and creative writing. On this blog, I share my passion for public and global health issues as well as my reflections on life.

I wanted to start this blog to inspire readers with personal stories related to health, spirituality and lifestyle.

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Who is Jared Talavera?

I am a millennial – born and raised in Australia. For the longest part of my life, academia had been the primary focus.  I have done research in the areas of autism and working memory in children. However, I wanted to explore other things outside of research and academia. In 2013 I discovered a TED talk called Love Letters to Strangers by a young woman named Hannah Brencher. She is the founder of The World Needs More Love Letters. I began scripting my own letters for people going through difficult life circumstances. I left my first letter in the foyer of a paediatric hospital. The letter was found by a mother who had been experiencing a challenging week with several appointments for her child. She read the letter and broke into tears. The mother wrote a testimonial to More Love Letters saying that “the letter had brought tears to my eyes and warmth to my heart. I am inspired to script and leave letters of my own.”


Everyone has a story. I may not know your story, but I want you to know that you and your story matter.

In 2014, I was selected as an ambassador for the One Girl organisation to raise awareness about the importance of girls’ education particularly whilst raising funds.

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I hope this blog inspires and motivates you. Got any questions or comments? Send me an email. I would love to hear from you!

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