Parents and caregivers have an important role as their children’s first teachers in life

Photo credit: Dr. Vanessa Lapointe.

Parents and caregivers shape the trajectory of optimal development for their children through each interaction.

Episode 6 | Season 3

Dr. Vanessa Lapointe is a Canadian psychologist, parenting educator, and author of two books—the bestseller ‘Discipline Without Damage’ and Parenting Right From the Start.

She has devoted her career to empowering parents, and caregivers with the science on how to give their children the best chance at optimal development.

Time Stamps

[00:03] Introduction to Dr. Vanessa Lapointe.

[00:49] What inspired Vanessa to pursue a career in psychology.

[3:21] The role of self-love in healthy relationships.

[4:32] What love for self looks like.

[5:34] Stoic philosophy.

[8:01] Children’s first teachers are their parents.

[14:09] How a parent’s self-compassion influences the wellbeing of their child.

[17:21] Why the first six years of life are important.

[18.42] The importance of parental emotional connection from a neuroscience perspective.

[20:53] What it means to metaphorically have stories written in pencil.

[25:59] How parents can teach their children about inequality.

[27:59] How children develop emotional resilience and emotional intelligence/quotient.

[32:01] Vanessa shares the main ideas from her two books.

[33:31] What is considered ‘good parenting’.

[34:29] Still face experiment.

[37:17] What living ‘healthier today’ means to Vanessa.

[38:32] What she would tell her 18-year-old self.

[39:56] Outro.


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