Aravind is preventing needless blindness with compassion and technology

Preventable eye diseases are a major cause of blindness in India. In 1976, ophthalmologist Dr. Govindappa Venkataswamy, or Dr. V as he is affectionately known as, wanted to do something about this. Dr. V was inspired by the efficiency of the fast food industry and wondered if a similar model could be replicated in healthcare.

Doctor in a white coat holding a rattle in the left photo. Right is a photo of people having their eyes bandaged.
Pediatric ophthalmologist: Dr. Sathya Ravilla (left) | Screening (right). Photo credit: Aravind Eye Care System.

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His inspiration led to establishing an 11-bed hospital in Madurai, India known as Aravind Eye Hospital. Anyone who needs eye treatment is welcomed irrespective of their economic status. Today, Aravind Eye Care System is home to one of the largest eye hospitals in the world. Today on the podcast paediatric ophthalmologist Dr. Sathya Ravilla shares the story of Aravind.

Time Stamps

[00:03] Introduction to Aravind Eye Hospital and Dr. Sathya Ravilla.

[1:09] Why the founder of Aravind Eye Hospital was inspired by the fast-food industry.

[2:14] What is considered needless blindness?

[3:34] What are cataracts? What is glaucoma?

[4:39] History of intraocular lenses.

[7:10] How Aravind Eye Hospital became a business case study at a prestigious business school.

[10:37] How checklists and checkpoints assist with efficiency and safety.

[13:37] Innovative technology behind diagnosing and treating eye diseases.

[17.42] How vision influences quality of life.

[21:01] What living healthier today means to Sathya.

[22:30] Advice for her 18-year-old self.


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