Addison Brasil: Tethering an online community for men’s mental health

At 19, Addison Brasil had already lost his brother to cancer and his father suicide. After being in a car accident that left his close friend dead and his own walking ability limited, Addison learned of the importance of channeling grief, trauma, sadness, and anxiety as a man in a hyper-masculine society.

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As a way to spread awareness on the importance of mental health, Addison Brasil co-founded the men’s mental health app ‘Tethr’ as a way of cultivating a safe and sacred space for men. Listen on for an inspiring conversation on grief, men’s mental health, and the importance of little celebrations.

Episode 10 | Season 2 | Healthier Today


  • What inspires Addison to be an advocate for men’s mental health [0:42]
  • Addison’s early 20s and the tumultuous times that came with them [2:11]
  • What Addison felt his father needed to improve his mental health [4:46]
  • How Addison’s app Tether helps build a community for men [6:57]
  • How men respond to other mentally conscious behavior from other men [8:06]
  • How Addison witnessed how the COVID pandemic impacted men’s mental health [8:52]
  • How Tether works [11:20]
  • The importance of celebrating the little good things [14:19]
  • Exploring the micro-opportunities to celebrate [15:36]
  • Why Robin Williams was an inspiration for Addison [17:42]
  • What living healthier today means for Addison [22:18]
  • What Addison would do to his 18 year-old self [22:59]
  • Addison’s parting advice [24:52]
iPhone appPhoto credit: Tethr.

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