Pandit Dasa: A monk’s guide to life

Pandit Dasa immigrated from India with his family when he was just a child. With no money in their pockets, Pandit witnessed firsthand the importance of working hard. Over the years, Pandit would learn to define his own life based on those same experiences.

After 15 years as a monk in a monastery in India and then New York City, Pandit seeks to share his wealth of knowledge on mental health, forgiveness, jealousy, and success. He now shares his wisdom with college students but didn’t hesitate to share his own life experience with Jared. Listen on for the enriching conversation.

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Episode 9 | Season 2 | Healthier Today


  • What Pandit learned from his experienced immigrating from India at an early age [0:47]
  • What Pandit learned from his parents and how they influenced him [2:05]
  • How Pandit’s resilience has gotten stronger over the years [3:42]
  • How Pandit learned to be more compassionate and less hostile [4:51]
  • Why we can choose where we come from [8:03]
  • What it was like for Pandit to be a monk in New York City [10:10]
  • How young students resonated to Eastern medicines and philosophies [12:15]
  • How the mind’s thoughts and emotions affect behavior [14:07]
  • How meditation helps us become more aware of our thoughts [16:20]
  • Why one suffers most in the mind [18:10]
  • How Pandit deals with uncertainty [20:10]
  • What Eastern philosophies say about social media, comparisons, and anxiety [23:24]
  • How Pandit would define success and finding positive relationships [26:22]
  • What Pandit believes is the meaning of life [28:40]
  • What living healthy today means for Pandit [29:47]
  • What Pandit would tell his 18 year-old self [31:14]
  • Pandit’s parting advice [31:09]


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Co-host/Voiceover artist: Yani Harris

Assistants: Taneer and Atkia Sadia

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