Jay Feldman: From doctor to entrepreneur

When Jay Feldman was arrested at 17, he thought his life was finished. But over the course of 12 years, he would quickly discover the meaning of hard work, dedication, perseverance, and passion.

As a doctor-turned-entrepreneur, Jay strives to create awareness on important medical issues and topics through his own business. Now, as a 29 year-old, Jay is successful and thriving. But to him, the grind never stops.

He has learned that growth paves the way for happiness and that it is an everlasting journey. Listen on for a conversation on hope, the American healthcare system, and why success should never really define who you are.

Portrait of a male doctor.
Photo credit: Jay Feldman

Episode 8 | Season 2 | Healthier Today



  • How Jay figured out he wanted to be a doctor [0:35]
  • How osteopathy school works in U.S. [3:23]
  • Why sharing medical information is important to Jay [4:35]
  • Why the American healthcare system is so expensive [6:55]
  • Why Jay wanted to leave medical school and cultivate his business [8:51]
  • Doctors and social media [10:33]
  • How Jay has zero liability in sharing medical advice and education [13:19]
  • How being a doctor has influenced Jay’s life [15:07]
  • Why medical school was a necessary step in the path to where Jay is now [17:28]
  • Why Jay never had a backup plan [21:07]
  • How Jay navigated life’s most important questions and acknowledges that entrepreneurship is not for everyone [22:47]
  • Where Jay developed his own high tolerance of high-risk and why it can be a combination of nature versus nurture[24:57]
  • Why it can be easy to be complacent with success but hard to keep going after levels of success [28:30]
  • How Jay’s life changed after achieving financial success [29:02]
  • Why growth is essential for happiness [33:21]
  • How Jay would starts a business today without knowledge and why not going to business school can be an advantage [33:07]
  • What living healthy today means for Jay [36:54]
  • What Jay would tell his 18 year-old self [38:25]
  • Jay’s parting advice [39:38]


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