Victoria Rivera: Overcoming self-sabotage

Victoria has spent the last 15 years as a holistically oriented psychotherapist striving for emotional and mental balance for everyone.

Victoria discusses the importance of mental health, what a psychotherapist is and does, and the impact of stress from early childhood. Listen on for a conversation about touch hunger, how poverty affects mental health, and how many things in life are geared towards survival.

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Episode 7 | Season 2 | Healthier Today



  • What a psychotherapist is and does [0:44]
  • How psychotherapy involves many disciplines [2:57]
  • Why we don’t have full control over our bodies to make the right decisions [4:18]
  • Why we overthink and have a hard time interpreting text messages [5:57]
  • How emojis convey emotions effectively [7:12]
  • Victoria talks about how it is always important to always perceive information as positive [8:02]
  • Why horror movies are stressful but highly entertaining and the impact they have on health [10:03]
  • How we define what stress is and the difference between good and bad stress [13:04]
  • When stress becomes good and helps you adapt [14:24]
  • Parenting and the role of stress [15:11]
  • How stress from early childhood affects their adulthood [18:02]
  • Why everything is all geared towards survival [20:01]
  • Confinement and the COVID perspective [21:40]
  • Why it feels lonely despite a growing world population [23:26]
  • The COVID pandemic, touch hunger, and the importance of touch from an early age [26:22]
  • Why touch is essential for survival [28:41]
  • Why you can’t think your way out of stress [30:29]
  • Why meditation is not thinking your way out of stress [33:27]
  • Why breathing is the key to de-activating nervous system [35:30]
  • How poverty affects mental health [37:37]
  • How poverty can influence one’s health and mental state [40:37]
  • What living healthy today means for Victoria [42:32]
  • What Victoria would tell her 18 year-old self [45:45]
  • Victoria’s parting advice [47:23]


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