Karese Laguerre: The facial personal trainer

Karese Laguerre spent years watching her children suffer with undiagnosed breathing issues with no clue on how to approach the issue. However, when she discovered myofunctional therapy and its healing powers, her children’s lives – and her very own life – were completely changed.

Listen on to understand what a myofunctional therapist does, and most importantly, Karese’s journey as a therapist and sleep connoisseur.

Portrait of woman from her right side.
Photo credit: Karese Laguerre

Episode 6 | Season 2 | Healthier Today



  • What is myofunctional therapy? [0:48]
  • What does a myotherapist do and where does one find one? [1:32]
  • How Karese discovered myotherapy was a career field she wanted to pursue [2:20]
  • The importance of function, aesthetics and structure in myotherapy [4:17]
  • Karese goes over some of the exercises she instructs [5:38]
  • How a person knows the exercises is working for them [7:17]
  • Tightness in jaws and issues oral facial structure and its impact on singing abilities [8:08]
  • How different breathing mechanisms affect one’s health and the difference between nose and mouth breathing [9:58]
  • The importance of inhalations and exhalations in your physical and cardiological health [13:17]
  • The difference between mouth breathing while awake and while asleep [14:30]
  • The biggest misconceptions on sleep [16:16]
  • Where the idea of eight hours of sleep comes from and how that differs from our lifestyle today [18:27]
  • Healthy functioning, less sleeping hours, and the conditions of healthy sleep [19:58]
  • How the corporate is adapting to better sleeping demands [21:12]
  • The impact that good sleep has on marriage [22:56]
  • How to mitigate impending sleep issues [24:00]
  • The value of a full-nights sleep compared to a nap [24:49]
  • Karese talks about how there is a lack of fundamental education on sleep and how she seeked out information on her own [25:47]
  • Karese discusses her role in sleep screenings [27:49]
  • What living healthier today means to Karese [28:28]
  • What Karese would tell her 18 year-old self [29:27]
  • Karese shares her biggest advice [30:31]


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