Sondra Kornblatt: Wake up call

For Sondra Kornblatt, sleep isn’t just the last thing you do at the end of the day. Nor should it be what you take for granted. For Sondra, sleep is an essential part of our lives that need more attention than ever before.

After experiencing months battling chronic insomnia with sleep drugs, teas, magnesium, and more, Sondra set out to discover a holistic approach to better sleep quality and found herself submerged in the unacknowledged science of sleep and the significance of a good night’s rest. Listen on to learn more about the importance of sleep and why sleep isn’t the same as deep rest.

Episode 5 | Season 2 | Healthier Today

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  • How Sondra sleeps on an average night [0:32]
  • What Sondra’s sleep was like growing up [1:04]
  • What inspired Sondra to pursue a career studying and understanding the power of insomnia [2:18]
  • The difference between sleep and deep rest [3:37]
  • The effect of a hyperactive lifestyle on sleep and rest [5:10]
  • The main barriers to a restful and meaningful sleep [5:55]
  • How the seven pathways to rest work [8:15]
  • The global pandemic of the fundamental lack of sleep [10:01]
  • The importance of sunlight and exercise in meaningful sleep [11:02]
  • How a person stays asleep [12:08]
  • The repercussions of not having a good sleep [13:53]
  • How Sondra navigates her own inability to sleep [16:55]
  • How sports can help in understanding the significance of sleep [18:45]
  • The origins of sleep and how we understand sleep from utero and babies [20:25]
  • The purpose that dreams serve [21:38]
  • The science of re-dreaming bad dreams [23:27]
  • The impact of stress on sleep and health [24:34]
  • What living healthier today means for Sondra [27:14]
  • What Sondra would tell her 18 year-old self [28:07]
  • Sondra’s work [28:56]


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