Joshua Shea: Addiction—an open secret

For over 20 years, Joshua Shea had one thing trailing his shadow. He was an accomplished city councilor, a publisher, and a film festival founder, but he was crippled by an alcohol and pornography addiction. Joshua never confronted his addictions until much later in life, where he truly learned of the mental and physical costs of being addicted to both alcohol and pornogrpahy. But over the years, Joshua has become a beacon of hope for all those facing addiction and stands as a symbol of progress in the mental health sphere. For Joshua, education and awareness is the number one priority in addressing the addiction epidemic and the impending crisis children and teenagers face today with internet porn. Listen on for an inspiring and eye-opening story on the reality of the porn addiction.

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Episode 4 | Season 2 | Healthier Today




  • When and how Joshua discovered he was addicted to pornography [0:37]
  • What a pornography addiction is [2:11]
  • The negative effects of porn addiction and addiction in general and the current addiction crisis in our society [3:25]
  • Joshua talks about the very distinctive line between art and pornography [6:16]
  • What life for Joshua was like before his addiction and how his addiction began [9:14]
  • How Joshua’s alcohol addiction compared to his porn addiction [9:55]
  • How women’s addiction to pornography compares to men’s addiction to pornography [11:49]
  • How pornography is affecting our youth society [18:34]
  • How Joshua’s journalism background has influenced or impacted his pornography addiction [20:53]
  • How the developing science of addiction has evolved [22:46]
  • How porn addictions can develop at an early age and the threat of impotence [28:30]
  • How porn addiction takes time away from your life [30:31]
  • The one thing that made Joshua finally seek professional help [31:28]
  • What living healthier today means to Joshua [33:16]
  • How Joshua feels about his 18 year-old self and his addiction [33:40]
  • Joshua and the myths and stereotypes of porn addiction [35:22]



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Host: Jared Talavera

Co-host/Voiceover artist: Yani Harris

Assistants: Taneer and Atkia Sadia

Script writer: Brian Ariotti

Audio production: Resonate Recordings.



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