April Dávila: Marine biology student to acclaimed author

When April Davila found herself pregnant, unemployed, and living in a dorm at Stanford University while her husband finished his degree, she knew she needed a life change. She was a marine biologist with extensive knowledge in marine ecology and engineering, but her true passion was writing.

After college she found herself lost in a world that is equally demanding and uncompromising. Suddenly, April found herself pursuing the one thing she’s always wanted to pursue and how she’s never looked back. Her story is inspiring and her focus on mindfulness and mental health will help all those who feel lost in their lives and need clarity.

Portrait of a woman on the left. Book cover on the right.
Photo credit: April Dávila

Episode 3 | Season 2 | Healthier Today


  • What attracted April to marine ecology [0:41]
  • What April translated from marine ecology to human relations [3:35]
  • How April discovered writing would be her ultimate career choice [4:30]
  • April discusses the extent of her creativity at the young age of 18 and the fulfillment of her career [7:48]
  • April talks about her transition into fully embracing her writing career and her time working with the Southern California water crisis [9:32]
  • What 2020 was like for April and her work with her community on mindfulness and mental health [13:42]
  • April talks about making time for self-care and mental health [17:29]
  • April discusses how she managed working from home [18:24]
  • April talks about her new book, 142 Ostriches, becoming a first-time published author, and launching her book in the midst of an incoming pandemic [19:14]
  • April talks about the importance of the intersection between mindfulness and creativity and how mindfulness really improved her writing career [27:24]
  • How April discovered and began cultivating her own journey of mindfulness [29:29]
  • Why mindfulness can be for everyone but can be trickier for others and the importance of the right resources [32:40]
  • Technology and its relationship to the sustainability of meditation and mindfulness [38:42]
  • What living healthier today means to April and what motivates her to be healthy [39:31]
  • The important piece of advice April would give her 18 year-old self [42:05]


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