Ben Ahrens: Accessing the control panel of consciousness

At 25, Ben Ahrens was the living emblem of fitness and health. As a surfer and young athlete, Ben had a deep fondness of sharing and cultivating a community centered around health and fitness. However, when he was diagnosed with Lyme disease everything changed. Suddenly, his life was upended by chronic fatigue and completely lost his health. In the years since, Ben has developed a mechanism to awaken the brain’s natural healing property that has led him to a life full of health, recovery, and consciousness. For him, everything starts with a single breath. Listen on to hear Ben’s inspiring story and the science of the power of the mind.

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Episode 1 | Season 2 | Healthier Today


  • How Ben’s life went from active health and fitness to a life-threatening disease diagnosis [0:50]
  • How a single deep breath began to change Ben’s life and improve his health [2:11]
  • What the one single breath slowly progresses into [3:40]
  • Steve’s experience changing his stress response through stretching and breathing [6:33]
  • How the experience of life starts and ends in your brain [6:57]
  • How changing our thoughts can affect our bodies [8: 30]
  • Ben’s experience witnessing the power of a deep breath in other people [10:09]
  • The power of surfing in promoting health, wellness, and the body’s natural healing process [12:50]
  • How Ben is striving to retrain the brain to maintain a state of regeneration [15:30]
  • The importance of the flow state and being in the moment [16:35]
  • Ben discusses his techniques to achieve and maintain his own flow-state and changing one’s emotional, mental, physical, and behavioral response [19:06]
  • How stress, fear, anxiety, and a constant state of fight-or-flight can affect one’s working memory and healing process [24:02]
  • What the future of healthcare looks like [28:40]
  • Does more technology make people anxious? [31:51]
  • Ben’s life-changing experience sleeping in the wild and how it changed his life [34:03]
  • How Ben navigated the ups and downs of 2020 and his advice to giving space and limits to areas in your life [36:43]
  • What living healthy today mean to Ben [40:21]
  • The special advice Ben would give his 18-year-old self [43:34]


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Co-host/Voiceover artist: Yani Harris

Assistants: Taneer and Atkia Sadia

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