The importance of patience in a relationship

  • Breanna Aponte and Dre smith met after a mutual friend introduced them to each other
  • They each committed to abstain from sex until marriage
  • Dre was inspired by the relationship of his parents and was willing to wait for as long as it took to meet the right person
  • Bre was ready and willing to heal from past unhealthy relationships
  • Anything worth having takes time

Breanna ‘Bre’ (pronounced like ‘Bree’) Aponte, a branding consultant, and Dre Smith, a property manager, were living in separate cities when a mutual friend insisted she introduce them to each other.

Bre’s friend from freshman year of college, Jordynn, called her out of the blue to say, “Girl, I met your husband! He is so perfect for you and you have to come and meet him.”

All that was going through Bre’s mind was, “I thought she was crazy.” At the time, Bre was still living in Cleveland, Ohio and already in a relationship.

Nonetheless, she decided to make the trip to visit Jordynn in Washington D.C. and of course, she invited the man she wanted her to meet—Dre. During the trip, Bre found out her boyfriend cheated on her. Dre wanted to comfort her by offering to take her out to dinner.

Photo credit: Breanna Aponte  (@Breannaaponte), and Dre Smith (@Itsdresmith)

“I talked too much about my ex,” said Bre as she hit her drink limit early into their date. “Let’s just say, the night didn’t end so well. I was a hot mess.”

She went back home to Cleveland; losing touch with the man she had just been on a date with. They were dating for two months long distance when he said, “I have something I have to tell you.” Bre hopped in her car and drove from Cleveland to D.C. in the middle of winter hoping that his news wouldn’t be bad.

What Dre didn’t know was that she had her own secret—“I had made a vow to abstain from sex until I was engaged. I wasn’t sure if this was something Dre would be okay with.”

Bre was silent as he spoke first. “I really like you and see a future with you which is why I have to tell you this,” Dre confessed as he stood in front of the woman he loved. “I made a vow to God that I would wait until marriage to have sex.” Her mouth dropped. All this time they were both sharing a similar relationship goal without evening knowing it.

Photo credit: Breanna Aponte  (@Breannaaponte), and Dre Smith (@Itsdresmith)

“Even though I didn’t expect to wait for marriage, I was so impressed he made that choice,” said Bre. “I thought it would be hard to find someone to wait for me and here I was with a man who was everything I wanted and more with a bigger commitment than mine.”

Dre’s upbringing

Dre grew up in church where both of his parents are Ministers. Whilst he did have a strong relationship with God he was still a human being prone to temptations. “He was a college football player who had plenty of fun in his days but was ready for a change,” Bre recalls. “He wanted something that was real. He wanted to find his wife.” Dre was inspired by the relationship of his parents and was willing to wait for as long as it took to meet the right person.

Photo credit: Breanna Aponte  (@Breannaaponte), and Dre Smith (@Itsdresmith)

“Any time I do thing’s God’s way, it always turns out better than expected,” said Dre.

Bre’s upbringing

Bre, on the other hand, was still discovering herself after being in relationships with men who made her question what true love really meant. It all began when her dad left when she was young. Although he lived in a separate home on the same street, her dad didn’t check in on her or attempt to be part of her life.

She remembered that, “by the time I got old enough to reach out to him, I felt so abandoned and unwanted that I wanted nothing to do with him. I was angry and I was hurt!”

The lack of a father-daughter relationship began affecting her personal life. “I definitely had some bad ways: terrible driving record, criminal record (felony), pending court dates, bad spending habits, drinking problem, and debt. Y’all get the point.”

Photo credit: Breanna Aponte  (@Breannaaponte), and Dre Smith (@Itsdresmith)

Bre realized that she was subconsciously attracted to men who shared the same approach to commitment as her dad. It affected how she viewed the role of love in a relationship. “I would confuse sex with love,” she acknowledged. “I would confuse physical intimacy with intimacy itself.”

Things changed when she met Dre. “I decided I needed to spend time getting to know ME, building my relationship with God and eliminating sex so that I could find the right person who was willing,” she confessed. Dre admired that she was willing and ready to become a better person not just for their relationship, but ultimately for herself.

From the very beginning, Bre and Dre were open and honest with each other. They communicated their expectations clearly and anytime they hit a bump in the road, they addressed it head on.

Photo credit: Breanna Aponte  (@Breannaaponte), and Dre Smith (@Itsdresmith)

“When I look at Dre, I see all the qualities that will not only make him an amazing husband, but an amazing dad,” said Bre as the corners of her eyes crinkled.


In 2018, Dre flew her friends and family to Washington D.C to be part of something special. What he told Bre was that he would meet her at a private rooftop party. Dre organized her dress, hair, makeup, and chauffeur. As Bre walked through the door to the rooftop terrace she was greeted with a floor of rose petals. A teary-eyed Bre noticed that all of the women were dressed in white; all of the men were dressed in black. The only exception was Dre in his white tuxedo.

Photo credit: Breanna Aponte  (@Breannaaponte), and Dre Smith (@Itsdresmith)

Dre held both of Bre’s hands as he stared into her eyes and said,

Tweet: “Whether we’re in a 10-bedroom mansion or I need to make room in our cardboard hut, whether we’re rich or poor—I want to be with you.”

He then got down on one knee as the guests went crazy for what was about to happen next. Dre pulled out a ring and asked, “Will you marry me?” Bre didn’t say anything, but instead motioned towards her newly engaged fiancé. In the moment her lips pressed against his, they found home. #WorthTheeWait


Prior to Valentine’s Day 2021, Dre surprised Bre with a trip to the Dominican Republic where they would also be getting married. Ultimately, anything worth having takes time. Your life is your story, and you get to be the hero.



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