How a love for the outdoors brought this couple together

  • Mike and Angie are travel influencers from Sydney, Australia
  • Their relationship started after Mike asked out Angie to a date via Instagram
  • Together they travel around Australia in their expedition motorhome they named ‘Juggernaut’
  • Principles for a strong relationship: trust, honesty, respect.

Ask most people what their life plan is, and you can expect to see the same milestones time and time again. Graduate from university, get a good job, buy a nice house, fall in love, get married, have kids, and live happily ever after.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but for Sydney couple, Mike and Angie Alcalloughby, they had different life plans.

CouplePhoto credit: Mike and Angie Alcalloughby (@thealcalloughbys)

Angie, who was born and raised in Colombia, moved to Australia back in 2012 to study English. At the same time, Mike was busy building and running his own construction business.

You might reasonably think that their paths had yet to cross – but they were already following each other on Instagram. It wasn’t until five years later, in 2018, that Mike sent a message to Angie to see if the two could catch up.

Fresh out of another relationship, Angie declined, saying that she wasn’t looking to date. However, Mike wasn’t deterred by her rebuttal and made one final attempt to change her mind:

“I am going to be straight with you. You seem like a really awesome girl, but if I am wasting my time, let me know.”

It was this last throw of the dice that finally bought Mike and Angie together. The straightforward and direct tone attracted Angie, who realised that Mike didn’t only know what he wanted but was also proud to say it.

Photo credit: Mike and Angie Alcalloughby (@thealcalloughbys)

The couple quickly organised their first date: pin bowling and laser tag. The date turned out to be a huge success, with the couple ending up having dinner together afterwards, talking late into the night.

Naturally, a second date quickly followed: this time, a gorgeous picnic followed by kayaking in Sydney Harbour. Before long, they were a couple. At this point, you might expect Mike and Angie to be ticking off the next items on the traditional tapestry of life – but you’d be wrong.

In 2018, the couple moved across the world to the Mediterranean, where they lived in a catamaran, sailing to and from an endless roster of gorgeous, sun-drenched locations steeped in history.

As they explored, Mike continued to work on his construction business remotely, funding their Mediterranean adventures. Although they were living the dream, things still weren’t perfect.

The seas could be choppy, and while romantic, boat life wasn’t always comfortable. Throw in the cramped quarters, and even the most freedom-loving of souls may soon realise that boats are a little too freeing!

Photo credit: Mike and Angie Alcalloughby (@thealcalloughbys)

After exploring the Mediterranean, the couple returned to Australia to swap the sea for the road. Mike and Angie became the owners of their very own expedition motorhome, which they named Juggernaut.

As Mike explains, “For us, being able to stand up straight inside was essential, a reasonable living space and being comfortable was non-negotiable as we work on the way and we need a good space to sit down to work, it is our home, office, gym, and car.”

Angie also agreed: “Boat life was not for us – too slow!”

These days, Mike and Angie are exploring Australia’s vast landscape. Between their boating and overland adventures, they’ve also picked three top tips for any couples who are seeking the key to a strong and healthy relationship:

TRUST: Do everything you can to retain the glue of a strong, powerful trust within a relationship – make your bond unbreakable

HONESTY: Be honest with your feelings, no matter what – don’t let things fester in the darkness and be prepared to understand and make compromises

Tweet: RESPECT: Nobody’s perfect – respect each other’s weaknesses as much as you love their strength to reduce the damage that shortcomings can bring.

The couple insists that these principles should be non-negotiable for anybody who wants their relationship to flourish, and that these three tips are even more essential for long-term close quarters living.

Photo credit: Mike and Angie Alcalloughby (@thealcalloughbys)

“It’s strange how destiny – or God, if you’re a believer! – put us into each other’s lives,” says Angie. “Since our second date, we haven’t ever wanted to be apart! It sounds like a cliché, but we are both so proud of the relationship we have built together. We are not perfect; nobody is, but we feel that we are perfect for each other.”



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