‘We’re just here in this moment. This is all that matters.’ How Kim Cavallo is helping others build true happiness and authentic human connections through digital wellbeing

Kim Cavallo noticed during a yoga class that she was distracted messaging on her phone which led her to creating the digital wellness app ‘lilspace.’

What may at first seem counterintuitive, the lilspace app helps you spend less time on your phone. How can an iPhone app make you use your phone less? It’s simple: by participating in a lilspace campaign, the time you spend away from your phone will be supported by a corporate sponsor and help fund necessary resources to a non-profit, or earn rewards for yourself.

Photo credit: Kim Cavallo / lilspace

The founder of lilspace, Kim Cavallo, is a yoga enthusiast and first had the idea for lilspace after missing the start of a yoga lesson due to being captivated by messaging on her phone.

Kim explains, “It was disturbing to me that this tiny little device was pulling me away from what really mattered to me.”

Photo credit: Kim Cavallo / lilspace

After that disturbing realisation, Cavallo searched for an app that would let her friends and colleagues know when she needed a break from her phone. Her search, however, gave her few options. Rather than admitting defeat,

Cavallo recalls: “I thought, well, I’d create it.”

After this thought, Cavallo worked with a digital team to create an auto-reply for texts and calls on android devices as the app originally began as an out-of-office reply for mobile phones. lilspace was created before mindfulness became a household concept and this auto-reply service became a huge talking point about digital wellbeing.

Photo credit: Kim Cavallo / lilspace

Cavallo continued to advance and shape lilspace into the app it is today due to the anxiety she felt after social media began to grow in dominance in the world. Rather than comparing herself and her happiness to what she saw online, Cavallo decided to prioritise her mental health.

tweet-graphic-transTweet: “We’re just here in this moment. This is all that matters.”—Kim Cavallo, Founder of lilspace 

A recent study revealed that on average, a person spends ninety minutes of their day on their phone, with most smartphone owners checking their phone every 12 minutes.

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Photo credit: Kim Cavallo / lilspace

Cavallo’s app works to reduce this time, making people more mindful of the time they do spend online and helping them to disconnect from the digital world. 

Cavallo uses the analogy that overusing your phone is like, “constantly having little snacks and not getting a satisfying meal.”

When asked how Cavallo cares for her own mental health whilst building lilspace, she replied “that is really difficult… I’m very conscious of my physical wellbeing, all those things are a high priority to me.” Ultimately, she distills how she cares for her own wellbeing with structure and discipline, stating “it’s hard to carve out the time. I have to be super disciplined”.

Cavallo notes, “It’s so important to say to each other, ‘what do we value?'”

Photo credit: Kim Cavallo / lilspace

The one piece of advice Kim has to offer to live healthier today is this: “Charge your phone at night outside of your bedroom.”

Digital health is now a topic more and more families and schools are taking seriously. Cavallo expresses happiness at her contribution to starting more conversations about balance and how important it is for families, friends and couples to set aside screen-free time in their lives. Cavallo notes, “It’s so important to have those conversations to be able to say to each other, what do we value?”


If you cut down on your screen-time, how much more would you be able to achieve?


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