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Mr. Rogers once said the best way to deal with tragic situations is to “look for the helpers”. He added, “You will always find people who are helping.” Torri is one of those helpers in the truest sense. But now, it’s Torri who needs to be helped.

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Torri is selfless, often coming to the rescue of those around her.

When a friend lost everything in a devastating house fire, she didn’t stand by – she organized a donation drive to ensure the family was taken care of. When her sister was ailing from cancer, she drove for hours just to find the special pumpkin pie that she craved.

Her love of helping others knows no bounds.  She continuously gives while expecting nothing in return.

But despite being the helper that keeps her loved ones and community afloat, Torri doesn’t receive that same help in return.

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She gets a thank you.  A smile.  A tear.  A handshake.  An acknowledgment.  A simple gesture of appreciation to show that her good deeds haven’t gone unnoticed.  But when Torri is in trouble, it’s difficult to find her helpers.

Some people take advantage of her kindness, using her love as a weapon against her.

She has repeatedly encountered men who’ve mistreated her, hurt her, and abused her.

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She was lucky enough to find unconditional love with her beloved dog. Few bonds are as meaningful as the ones shared with our four-legged friends.

In a sense, it was her dog who stood by her through difficult times as she navigated her way out of toxic relationships.

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But sadly, her dog passed away just before the holidays.

Now, Torri, the helper who has invested so much time and energy in comforting others, faces the prospect of a holiday season without love.  It’s possible she may not understand how appreciated she truly is.  Even worse, she may not understand that love still exists and that she deserves it.

Through everything she has experienced, Torri has maintained a positive outlook and still feels an undying need to help others.

But this holiday, we ask that you take some time to help her with a love letter.

Torri’s sister, Alexandra, wants her to know that love is real.  She wants her to know that she is not alone, that the helpers deserve to be helped too. The appreciation and kindness you send in your letter could show Torri that her efforts make a difference and that the world needs more people like her.

12 Days of Letter Writing

December 3-14, 2018


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See Torri’s Letter Request and contact information below.

Torri’s Letter Request

“My sister Torri is an amazingly selfless and giving person who would give you the shirt

off her back. For example, when a friend’s house burned to the ground, she solicited and

organized donations to help the family. Torri will answer her phone at all hours if a

friend calls in need, will drive for miles to run an errand for someone who needs help,

and will offer up last minute babysitting services for those moms and dads who just

need a break. When I was sick with cancer, she drove for hours to find a pumpkin pie for

me in the middle of July, because she knew it would be one thing that I would eat. Her

willingness to help really knows no bounds.


I won’t say that Torri’s selflessness goes unnoticed because the people that she helps are

always appreciative, but when Torri herself needs help, people seem less willing to lend

a hand. While this hasn’t diminished her drive and natural tendency to help others, it

would be wonderful if she could feel some of the love that she puts out in the world

returned to her. Torri has gone through some hardships with unhealthy relationships

with men who have mistreated her, despite her full-hearted love towards them. She also

recently lost her dog who helped her through making the brave choice of ending these

relationships. A rush of letters would let her know that she is not alone and that selfless

love is real.”

Join us in doing just that + writing a love letter to Torri!

Torri’s bundle

℅ Alexandra R.

P.O. Box 171077

Boston, MA 02117


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Jefferey Spivey
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