How to sow to reap a healthy and purposeful life with Turmeric Latte Mix co-founder Hament Chavda.

What do you want to be when you grow up? A question that most people have been asked at least once in their life.

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For Hament Chavda, his teenage self was focused on becoming a pharmacist. However, it was not until later in life would he learn that he would leave pharmacy to move from London to Australia and is a co-founder with his wife Sonal of the business Turmeric Latte Mix. Hament has been on a road of constant personal growth which he then uses to help others with their health and self-limiting beliefs.

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The first three years of his career in pharmacy were exciting. He met with doctors and patients regularly and saw his pharmacy business grow.

“But there came a point,” he said, “where I was getting sick.” He was developing repetitive strain injury, back pain, irritable bowel syndrome and was not eating well.

There was then a time during his career when his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Two years prior to her diagnosis his mum had asked him, “Is it okay to keep taking hormone replacement therapy?”

Assortment of pharmaceutical drugs. Photo credit: Free Stocks.

“Well mum, I looked in the book and it said the benefits outweigh the risks,” Hament replied.

The book he was referring to was the British National Formulary, the bible for British pharmacists. Research into hormone replacement therapy (HRT) by the World Women’s Study had shown at the time that HRT caused cancer. The British government had changed its regulations, which stated that women should not be on this as a first-line

“Oh my gosh,” he thought, “Actually what I was dispensing her caused the cancer.”

He began to think about who else’s mother, who else’s sister would be affected by the medication.

Mother and daughter gaze into the sunset at Sandstone Peak, United States. Photo credit: Roberto Nickson.

He made the realisation that pharmacy was no longer a career he wanted to pursue. He sold his pharmacy business and with that the comfort of a steady source of income and well-received recognition from the community.

“Have I made the right decision?” were Haments’ words as him and his family were about to board a flight that would take them from London’s Heathrow airport to their new home of Australia.

London’s Heathrow Airport. Photo credit: Yousef Alfuhigi

However, he is a believer that when you make a decision you have to follow through and listen to your heart.

“Looking back on it,” he said, “it’s the best thing we ever did!”

Turmieric Latte Mix, happened as a result of the family moving to Australia. However, as Hament has said, “ Turmeric Latte didn’t just come like that, it wasn’t like it happened overnight.”




It is common for many potential business owners to not even start because of the fear of failure and comparison.

People need to be happy for other people’s success because when it comes your way you would want others to do the same for you as well.

There is a lot of research which suggests that when you start a business with a significant other it decreases stress, burnout and increases happiness and productivity.

The Australian journalist Mia Freedman started the Mamamia Women’s Network with her husband. She has said that it was important that she co-founded the business with her husband because of their complimentary skills and knowledge.

One of the key things for Hament and his wife partner Sonal recognised were each other’s strengths.

In the early days they did a Wealth Dynmaics test to focus on their talents and what each of them are naturally wired to do.

It made him realise little things like, “Ah, my wife, she’s actually not a planner.”

In the past he asked her, “How come you don’t plan? How can you not plan?”

She’s not naturally wired to do that. It’s easy in a relationship to start blaming especially when things aren’t going right.

“We’re husband and wife, yes. But appreciating in action those strengths, I think that’s really important.”

The relationship that they have with each other is as magical as the charity that they have collaborated with – Magic Moments Foundation.

The foundation provides food and shelter services as well as youth leadership opportunities for those in need in local communities.

Someone had said to Hament that there was a teenage boy named Craig who he needed to meet that had his life changed after going through Magic Moments Foundation. When he was 13  years old  he was suicidal but had his life transformed after he received a scholarship to a  Youth leadership camp.

“Tell me,” Hament asked, “Where was your life after attending the camp?”

The conversation went silent.

“Do you know what?” he said, “I couldn’t stop smiling!”



Another boy, Terry, was of similar age to Craig who had also gone through the Magic Moments Youth Leadership Summit. He was in foster care at 3 years old. At 12 years old he had to leave is foster family of 9 years and so stopped  going to school and was punching walls.

Also, at the time Hament was speaking with Kim from the Gold Coast, Australia who now operates one of the largest distributions of Turmeric Latte Mix.

“She came to us, I met up with her in Brisbane because there’s a café in Brisbane Airport wanting to serve it,” said Hament.

She then said, “Okay. I don’t have kids myself but I’d love to foster kids, look after them on the weekend. I’m just waiting for my permissions to come through but I’ve come across a young boy.”

That boy she was talking about was Terry.

“You know what? We need to get him to the camp,” Hament said.

“, That’s going to be hard.”

The Foster care Services were willing to send him to the camp as long as he agreed.

Fortunately, he agreed.

He turned up to the camp with dark circles around his eyes from not sleeping.

The counsellor reported that Terry  was a different boy since he came back from the camp.

While he was at the camp he undertook a  goal-setting and business workshop.

Terry did a drawing of fishes.

One of the trainers at the camp asked him about his drawings.

He said, “”Well, I love fishing and I paint these fishing lures and I sell them to my friends.”

“So you’re in business already.”

One of the crew later  asked him, “Terry, what’s one of your goals?”

He said, “Well, one of my goals is to buy a 3D printer.”

The directors and some of the other crew heard about it they all chipped in and they surprised him and bought him a 3D printer.

Part of that process was about showing him that there were people that cared about him.

What Kim did not realise was that she was shifting her own identity as well.

The experience was not only life changing for Terry but also for Kim and she could not wait to adopt him and be his new permanent mum.

Sonal, Terry and Hament at the Youth Leadership camp. Photo credit: Turmeric Latte Mix

Hament spoke with Kim  after the camp.

“You know what,” he said, “What you sow is what you reap.”

“If you sow negative you get negative, if you sow positive you get positive,” – Hament Chavda, co-founder of Turmeric Latte Mix.

He then said to her, “You went from café to café to café sowing, raising all this money to sponsor young lives and who would imagined that you’d reap this little boy into your life??”

There is a video of the youth leadership program from a few years ago showing the impact it has on the lives of many young people. After Hament and his wife saw the video they were in tears.





They looked at each other and said, “Yeah, we’re going to donate a dollar a pack.”


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The word scarcity has its scare-city. You’re being scared, but in that moment you see the truth of what needs to be done.

As Hament has said, “At some level you have to stay in the middle of the road and say, ‘I will believe not doubt.’”

The Turmeric Latte packs are seeds. When people purchase the Turmeric Latte packs that is watering the seed because the donation goes to the foundation. Then the sunshine are the kids who go through the program. The sunshine is coming from within because they become the light. That’s the metaphor!

You’re about to change a life. Photo credit: Turmeric Latte Mix

What that really shows is that we are capable of more than we think.

In London, Hament participated his first fire walk to an audience of 9,000 people at a Tony Robbins event.

He turned up saying,”There’s no way I’m going to be doing that!”

However, he did manage to walk across the hot coals and thought to himself, “Wow, did I just do that?”

The element of fire is also the element of transformation because it burns away the old and brings in the new.

In life sometimes we need to burn the past or things that are not serving us anymore and bring in the new

Hament realised that anyone can do the fire walk but the important thing is when you get in front of the fire what’s the purpose of the fire walk? What’s on the other side?

We all do fire walks every day of our lives.

Someone needs to go and have a conversation with their boss, that’s a fire walk.

Someone needs to go and have a conversation with their partner about something, that’s a fire walk.

Someone needs to make a decision to stop doing something, that’s a fire walk.

Fire walking is the metaphor of, “I’m here right now. These are the hot coals and my fear. You want to stay here in life because there’s a fire walk.”

In the early days when Hament and his family first moved to Australia, him and his wife formed the life coaching company Coach26. He was interviewed by a journalist after raising money for Magic Moments through Turmeric Latte Mix. The journalist mistakenly reported that the company would raise $1 million in the next 12 months. However, he thought, “Why not?”

Hament and Sonal said to each other, “A million dollars, a million dollars. Have we got there yet? Not yet.”

Hament had this little fear. He said to Sonal, “Like what if you don’t reach the million?”

They remembered watching the movie Lion. At the end there is a statement on the screen saying, “About 180,000 kids go missing every year in India.”

After the watching the movie Hament said to Sonal, “You know what? What if we combat fear by facing a higher fear and raise $20 million by 2020? How amazing would that be because that aligns with our vision.”

The goal then aligned with the vision statement for Coach26 – Positively inspire over 20 million people by 2020. Their mission is to bring to light the magnificence in people.

Overcoming large goals first starts with accomplishing smaller goals.

There is an amazing personal trainer, Chris Wilson, who has taught Hament the value of both fitness and resilience through personal training.

When Hament first started he would say, “Chris, I don’t like to train. I don’t see the point of bouncing a medicine ball and catching it. What’s the point?”

“Okay, every pushup is one kid,” he would say, “Every lunge is one kid!”

Most people would normally give up as their body fatigues. What Chris had done is bring a greater sense of meaning to the exercises thus pushing past willpower.

Sonal and Hament began training with each other. When the exercises became difficult to complete because of fatigue they began saying to each other, “So are we going to give up on those kids? Well no! We get up and we do another. We’re fricken doing whatever it takes. Does that make sense?”s

What is apparent across Hament’s business pursuits is a notion that comes from social entrepreneurship:

Put people over profit.

Product with a purpose. Photo credit: Turmeric Latte Mix
Kids from the Magic Moments Foundation and their Turmeric Latte Mix. Photo credit: Turmeric Latte Mix

This had also been shown in the work that MMA fighter Justin Wren was doing with the American charity Water4. When he was interviewed for this blog he spoke about how accumulating more possessions was not necessarily associated with happiness.

As we head into the holiday season, this an opportunity for all of us to be mindful of the presents we can give each other.

A few years ago Hament said to Sonal, “I just read what the Five Love Languages. I think everyone should read the book.”

The love languages are:

  • Words
  • Touch
  • Acts of kindness
  • Quality time
  • Gifts.

The key thing is finding out what is important to the other person.

“I got caught up in the past,” he confessed, “of buying my kids presents to compensate for daddy not being there but I realised they don’t want the stuff they just want my time.”

A father spending time with his daughter. Photo credit: Caleb Jones.

Quality time: everyone enjoys that! That can be in the form of deep and meaningful conversations, having fun, playing. The difference between going to the gym and playing is when you play you laugh.

One of the key things that quality time encompasses is suicide prevention. It is one of the largest killers of young people in Australia and globally today.

There have been scientific studies that have shown that one of the ways to protect against suicide was sharing dinner around the table as a family.

That was it, simple as that. No iPhones, no iPads, just sitting around the table together as a family.

Going back to simple, basic ways of connecting with people is powerful.

“If you’re not happy about something,” Hament said, “have a family meeting and say we should spend more time together.”

No one likes truth because there’s always pain when you tell the truth. Someone’s not going to like it.

Tweet: “The people who really matter are right in front of you. Real people, real conversations” – Hament Chavda. @jayredt

Mother and daughter embrace. Photo credit: Eye for Ebony

I like to bring happiness to others and myself by taking part in the 12 Days of More Love Letters campaign.

12 Days of More Love Letters campaign 2017. Photo credit: The World Needs More Love Letters

It is hosted by the organisation The World Needs More Love Letters.

During the holiday season, people respond to a letter request each day over 12 days to someone around the world that’s going through some sort of difficult situation. They may be going through depression or other other challenges.

The campaign starts on the 4th of December in Australia or the 3rd of December in the US.

Lastly, what can people do for their own wellbeing? Hament has this to say:

Focus on your own garden.

When the butterflies come they’ll come because your garden is so beautiful but when they fly away there’s no fear because you know in your heart they’re flying away to tell other butterflies, ‘Hey, this is where the nectar is.’

Turmeric Latte Mix is available for purchase in the USA, UK and Australia. For more information and a list of retailers head on over to Turmeric Latte Mix.

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